Spine Braces

Trend Quick Form LSO (Lumbar Support Orthotic)

The Trend Quick Form LSO is a one-size, extremely easy to adjust LSO. This brace is the ideal product for your patients who have trouble adjusting products themselves. We have designed this product to go from 25”-60” with minimal effort. This brace is very light weight, breathable, and offers excellent support and compression.

Trend Correx TLSO (Thoracic Lumbar Support Orthotic)

The Trend Correx TLSO is the most innovative TLSO that has been brought to the market in the past decade. It features an effortless sizing system with soft moisture wicking material and breathable zones throughout the brace. The most groundbreaking patent pending feature of the brace is a pulley mechanism that’s attached to the shoulder straps which allows the brace to telescope freely without manipulating the back of the brace like other TLSO’s. By having a pulley system attached to the shoulder straps it allows the patient to apply the correct amount of force for optimal support every time. This system pulls the shoulders back and down to a neutral spinal position. 

Another feature of this brace is a movable chest strap. This allows the straps to be moved into position on the patient so it is not too high or low on the chest.

Trend LSO with Pump

The Trend LSO with built-in air pump offers a revolutionary design and compression system with a built in air chamber into the lower back. This gives patients the ability to control the amount of lumbar support they receive during daily activities. This brace covers up to the T9 vertebrae.

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