Knee Braces

Trend Universal Suspension Sleeve

This universal suspension sleeve is used in addition to the L1832/L1833, L1843/L1851, or L1845/L1852 for patients that desire additional support.  This sleeve also helps the knee brace for migrating on the patient’s knee and can assist in the prevention of skin irritation.

Trend Pro Fit Unloader 2

The Trend Pro Fit Unloader 2 is the perfect brace for patients with mild to moderate osteoarthritis. This brace features a low profile single upright design that is easily customizable to every patient.

This brace also has an easy to use unloading mechanism and numbered strapping system for easy application and use. Its universal design covers a wide range of sizes reducing inventory and allowing the brace to be used for both medial and lateral unloading. The most exciting features of this brace is our unique non-slip moisture wicking padding and straps with built in elasticity. Both features greatly minimize the effects of migration when the patient is walking.

Trend Recoup TROM

The Trend Recoup TROM is designed for knee immobilization following surgery. It features an easy to use telescoping system along with independent strapping to provide a custom fit to patients of nearly every size and shape.

The quick-release straps make it simple for patients to don/doff the brace, and the easy to use ROM hinge can be set to completely lock out the knee or limit desired flexion/extension. The soft “grip” padding makes this brace comfortable to wear all day and helps limit migration and rotation.

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